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CBCT scanning is like X-rays on steroids. It is a highly advanced approach to taking extremely detailed scans of the structures in the head – including face, teeth and jaws, to create a map of all of the soft tissue, bones and other elements in your head.

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It is extremely useful to dental care professionals as it provides a unique look at how best to proceed for dental implants or cosmetic restoration. The 3D images created with CBCT scanning allow a the dentist to create precise, custom implants. The process involves taking hundreds of specific images of the mouth and jaw, and converting that into a digital file that can be altered on computer. That file is then used as the basis to create implants, bridges or other oral replacements the patient needs.

The procedure is painless to the patient and relatively quick. Patients must wear loose fitting clothes during the procedure and remove any metal objects they might be wearing before scanning begins.

For the dentist, CBCT scanning offers the best path toward providing custom implants, and, with the help of the in-house design and engineering services provided by Dr. Laaly, do so at reduced cost and quick-turn around.

As modern dentistry become increasingly reliant on high-end technology, it’s important to have expert support in order to obtain the best results. Contact us for a consultation today!