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Surgical Dentistry Los Angeles

If you are missing one or more teeth, or have lost bone material in your jaw due to an injury or advanced periodontitis, surgical dentistry is your gateway to normal mouth function and appearance.

The field of surgical dentistry encompasses dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, sinus augmentation, dental bone grafting, and gum surgery. As a graduate of UCLA’s School of Dentistry and the California Implant Institute, as well as an Associate Fellow of the International Board of Oral Implantology, Dr. Laaly is able to provide his patients with life-changing surgical dentistry procedures that not only restore beautiful appearance to the teeth, but normal functionality as well. Prior to undergoing any surgical dentistry procedure, each patient must first undergo a thorough medical evaluation with Dr. Laaly. This evaluation includes x-rays, medical history, a dental diagnosis and evaluation, and more. Dr. Laaly is then able to take the appropriate measures to provide the patient with the desired results. It is through meticulous planning and perfected skill that Dr. Laaly is able to consistently provide life-changing dental work for his patients.

To find out if dental treatment with Dr. Laaly is a viable option for you, please call today and schedule an appointment.

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