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Sinus Augmentation Los Angeles

While some patients who require dental implants have enough bone to support the initial placement of the implants, many don’t have adequate bone material and must undergo sinus augmentation (also known as a sinus lift).

Sinus augmentation is used only for grafting bone to the maxillary (top) jaw, with the graft either coming from other parts of the patient’s body or from a tissue bank. After a healing period of three to six months, the grafted bone becomes incorporated into the jaw allowing dental implants to be placed. There are many reasons that a person may not have enough bone in the maxillary jaw and must undergo a sinus augmentation.

Advanced periodontitis causes decay of the supporting bone structure of the teeth.

Genetics can also determine the structure of the jaw, potentially making them unfit for implants. In either case, sinus augmentation is a safe and effective way to prepare the jaw for dental implants. If you are considering dental implants and want to know if you’re in need of sinus augmentation, Dr. Laaly will conduct a thorough x-ray evaluation during your initial consultation and create a customized treatment plan based on your needs.

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