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Dental Implants Los Angeles

One of the most important advances in restorative dentistry is dental implants in Los Angeles.  Patients tend to suffer a lot when they happen to lose one or more teeth from trauma or poor hygiene.

Loss of teeth not only affects a person’s ability to properly chew food but can present confidence problems, such as embarrassment and self consciousness, as well.  In such cases, dental implants in Los Angeles serve as the most effective and beneficial treatment method, restoring normal function and appearance to the teeth.
If teeth are lost, it is important to seek treatment in a timely manner because surrounding teeth become more prone to shifting out of alignment and becoming problematic as well. An initial evaluation conducted by Dr. Laaly will determine the best treatment approach to take in order to ensure optimal results.

The procedure for dental implants in Los Angeles involves the placement of a titanium support screw into the jawbone below the gums, after which a prosthetic crown can be attached. The benefits of dental implants over dentures are that they are permanent, don’t have to be removed, extremely reliable and restore perfect function to the teeth. In addition to dental implants in Los Angeles, Dr. Laaly is also a premier dentist for gum surgery, bone augmentation, sinus augmentation, cosmetic dentistry and more.

Dentist Implants Los Angeles